“L'orto sull'uscio” is a family-operated Bed & Breakfast, set in the lush green of the hills of Mugello. Beside the comfort of its rooms, “L'orto sull'uscio”, surrounded by an ample garden, affords all the tranquility, the scents and colours of the Tuscan landscape. Breakfast may be had on the terrace, in the shade of an old pine tree and with a splendid view of the Apennine mountains.

In spring, the blooming orchard will await you, and in summer you may let yourself indulge in the products of our garden, in which we have been growing the tastiest fruit and vegetables for many years, always strictly abiding by the rules of organic gardening.
“L'orto sull'uscio” means “the vegetable garden by the door” and is the name of an ancient Tuscan recipe for a sauce so rich in vegetables that a garden must be close at hand. There is also an olive grove in our garden, from the shiny fruit of which we extract an outstanding extra-virgin oil.
We invite you to try it on a classical “fettunta”, preferably early in December, right after the olive harvest. We will also be glad to serve you our light and natural table wine which is produced and enjoyed in the most inartificial way. If you come in late September, you will be able to see the vintage, or even participate in it, or you may simply try the grapes of our vines which we cultivate in the traditional style.

Whatever the season, at “L'orto sull'uscio” you will find comfortable accomodation in a little haven of tranquility.
Time ago we chose to reduce our impact on the environment, at this present we have a photovoltaic system, solar panels and an artesian well to water our garden.

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